The Refugee Question

From CNN Article

A few weeks ago, I came across this short video called”Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs” which challenged my thinking on the Syrian refugees situation. I asked myself this question; are we really doing what is best for them or are we just trying to make ourselves feel better and look good on the world platform?

You may, or may not, be aware, but the United Nation (UN) has been finding it difficult to find refugees willing to move thousands of miles away from their homes. In an article by the Globe and Mail, it is reported that only about 6.3 per cent of refugees contacted buy the UN between November 18 and 26, indicated they were interested in coming to Canada. And who can blame them? Although it is the best Country in the world (I might be just a bit biased here) it is VERY far from their homeland, a homeland they most assuredly hope to return to one day as an article from the CBC explains.

What if, instead of trying to force them to come here and make this the only option Canada offers, we used the money to assist Countries closer to Syria? Countries where it would be more feasible for them to return from once Syria is back under a Government who respect and value life and rebuilt it. This has the would potentially allow Canada to help more than 25 000 of them. And it is sending the message that, all hope is not lost, because right now, I’m not quite sure what message we are sending…

Now hear me out, I am not saying we shouldn’t take any of them, on the contrary, some of them have family here and others are excited to come to Canada, and that’s great. But what I am saying is that, maybe we should involved the concerned parties a bit more in their resettlement than we are right now…

We must consider the fact that, by taking 25 000 people and resettling them in a Country which is thousands of miles away, we will inadvertently remove some the elite of that Country, the very people who can make a difference and help rebuilt Syria once it has been freed.

So I ask again, are we doing what is best for THEM? Or are we simply trying to make ourselves feel better and looks good on the world platform?…

(Photo taken from CNN “Syrian refugees: Which countries welcome them, which ones don’t)


Author: Renee-Claude Tanguay

I Have Been Seized by the Power of a Great Affection

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